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After three years of extensively working and using the Internet, I decided that I really should have some sort of representation on this media. A humble site, a few pages - nothing more.

I'll try to make this site interesting, I'll try to put some time into it, but I have no illusions... I rarely spend my time thoroughly browsing personal web sites (unless their really good) so why would anyone browse mine? (maybe because it's really good?...)

However - since you're already here - carry on... :)


God Bless...


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All Alon(e)
[Wednesday, May 10, 2000]
Beautiful Rock Moments (or Seconds)

Some of the most brilliant song endings (a partial list):

Joni Mitchell - Big Yellow Taxi
What a beautiful ending! Going high and then low with her voice. And that silly laughter at the end...

Pretenders - Middle of the road
I love the way the solo begins. "I've got a kid, I'm 33, so come on baby" and then the prrrrr that merges with the harmonica. Beautiful!

David Bowie - Lady Stardust
The mysterious whisper at the end. If you listen closely you can clearly hear what he says - ("get some p...y now!").

The Band - Acadian Driftwood
At the end they switch to heavy-accented French and sing: "Sais-tu, A-ca-di-e j'ai le mal du pays" (You know Acadia, I am homesick).

Eric Clapton - Cocaine (Live in Japan)
After repeating the "She don't like, she don't like" part for several times he suddenly stops and allows the audience to shout the last "COCAINE". It takes a while before the crowd realizes the song is over. And then the clapping and roaring begin.

The Beatles - Hey Bulldog
They totally loose their marbles at the end of this song. "Quiet boy, quiet!"

The Rolling Stones - Only Rock n Roll
Not quite at the end, but the hallucinated 'I like it' part is so typical and beautiful! (I also like this part of the song on the video clip. They're covered with thick white foam, not really trying to stick to the playback...)

The Beatles - You Never Give Me Your Money
After the "One sweet dream came true today" the songs ends with "All good children go to heaven". Not so obvious why, but beautiful nevertheless.

Supertramp - It's Raining Again
The kids sing "It's raining, it's pouring"

[Saturday, April 30, 2000] I've been to a store in the Prudential Mall in Boston that sells CDs with recordings of thunderstorms… no music or verbiage, only sounds of pouring rain and bursts of violent thunder. At first it reminded me of the stores in Jerusalem that sell air or sand from the holly land, packed in little hermetic sealed cans. Then I listen to it and found it quite soothing. I can imagine some people enjoying this artificial storm, sitting next to their artificial fireplaces (the ones with tiny red light-bulbs and artificial logs) carrying artificial conversations...
[Saturday, April 23, 2000] Elian Gonzales was kidnapped from his relatives' house in Miami and was returned to his father, who will (?) eventually return him to Cuba. The story topped the headlines for the past few months. Even the late night shows include it in their repetitive joke themes. Sometimes you hear about something so much that you forget how it all started. I'm afraid I have a vague idea why this particular 6 year old made the headlines. I've seen pictures of him in the newspaper and countless times on TV (usually playing peacefully in his relatives' back yard) that I never really asked myself the inevitable question - 'why'. Sometimes I wonder if the media portrays reality or creates it. This story, somehow, may serve as an argument. I'm not sure for which side though.
[Thursday, April 21, 2000] I'm listening to Kate Bush singing 'Wuthering Heights' and vaguely remember the beautiful video clip. She was dancing some ballet like dance. Young and promising. I don't think she really fulfilled the promise did she? I also think about the seventeen year old I talk to last night. We talked about stocks and options and pay plans. Things that I don't think I even heard of when I was seventeen. Was I missing something? Is he missing something? - all this knowledge has to come on the expense of other things. Friends, music, girls...
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