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Happy Moments

There are not too many happy moments in life. They are usually sweet, short and elusive. Most of the time we know they were happy ones long after they're gone. It happens, however, that a happy moment materializes and we're fully aware. We know it's happy. While it's happening. Here are a few:
Happy Moment I
We were driving home from Montreal. We had just crossed the border and were heading south on Highway 87. It was a sunny, crisp spring day. We were all alone on the winding road that crosses the majestic Adirondacks. I held the steering wheel with one hand and had a cup of Dunkin Donuts coffee in the other (a necessary ingredient in every happy moment, as you will soon see.). The day was clear and the snow-covered mountaintops were reflecting in the small lakes along the way.
I played 'Abbey Road' on the tape and we sang together. Admiring the guitar solo in 'Something' ("George is definitely my favorite," she said), screaming 'Oh Darling' and harmonizing 'Because.' It was Saturday and knowing that tomorrow was Sunday just enhanced the pleasure.
Like every happy moment, this one also came to its end. 'Abbey Road' was over, we were nearing Albany and the traffic was getting thicker, and she fell asleep leaning her pretty head on my shoulder.
Happy Moment II
He came for a two-week visit, and from the first moment it was clear that something was wrong. He just shook my hand. Courteously. Almost officially, as if he was introduced to a potential customer. For the first few days, we didn't have a chance to be alone. We were always surrounded by people. The few occasions we actually addressed one another was to exchange mild nasty remarks. I didn't know what happened to him and what made him treat me this way. There was no obvious reason and I exhausted my mind trying to think of possible reasons.
A few days later we drove back from Manhattan where we visited some mutual friends. It was the first time we were alone. We didn't waste any time and the conversation flowed. A series of misunderstandings and misinterpretations created the temporary animosity, and it didn't take long to settle things. We stopped at a Dunkin' Donuts for a coffee and we chose to drink it outside, sitting on the sidewalk. It was a beautiful day. We talked and laugh and at one point he said - "You see - this is a beautiful moment."
Reading these lines one might get the impression that a nice weather and a cup of coffee from Dunkin Donuts can create a happy moment. I wish it was that simple - or is it?

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