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I Bought Compaq Stocks
I bought a Compaq stock (CPQ). It was recommended to me by a friend of mine (yes, weíre still friends...). At first I was so happy - every time I browsed my personalized Excite page I witnessed how my stock is making money for me - let me tell you Ė this hobby can become addictive very fast... before I even noticed it I found myself staring at the screen and pressing the ĎReloadí button every few seconds. Watching the figures change.
Since then the Dow fell and so did my interest. I even got to see the red figures next to my precious CPQ stock. Today (8/6/98) the stock crossed the $35 line and now Iím wondering if itís the right time to sell. Iíve been so busy trying to figure out how to pick the right stock that I didnít think that buying is only a half of the deal... - I think Iíll hold it till it reaches $40... weíll see about that.

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