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I Envy

I envy people who know exactly where they come from and where theyíre going. At least they donít have to move from place to place all the time. Even if itís just in their mind.

I envy devout believers on one hand, and complete agnostics on the other. At least they donít have to examine their beliefs system day in and day out. They established their relationship with God, either by complying with his demands or simply totally ignoring and denying him. In any case, itís probably better than being stuck in the middle.

I envy people who are well aware of their limits. People who know exactly what to expect, and even more important - what not to expect from themselves. At least they donít live with the constant feeling that they could have done much better.

I envy goodhearted people, people who do the right thing, people who know whatís the right thing. People that donít need to remind themselves to be generous, kind and understanding. People to whom giving comes as a natural thing and lending a hand as the obvious choice.

I envy people who live in peace with their mortality. At least they can cope with the fact that they will never do all the things they wanted to do, never visit all the places they wanted to visit and never learn everything that is to be learned.

I envy people who are free of the passion to

      Impress, posses
            Achieve, Make believe
                        Acquire, Climb Higher
                                Gain Control, Have it all
                                                    Be Endorsed, Obtain by force
               Explore and Discover, Fall down and recover
         Stand their grounds and persist, take the blow and resist
     Insult and offend, smile back and pretend
            Be ahead of their times
                                 WRITE SILLY RHYMES...

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