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Dennis Prager

Last night I started listening to a book by a guy called Dennis Prager. It's called "Happiness is a serious problem". I found it extremely insightful. This morning I entered the author's name into one of the search engines and it came up with his homepage. I must admit I'm a bit disappointed. From the book cover and it's content I understood that Dennis Prager has his own radio host show, I attributed his simple clear insights to good intuition and long process of reflection rather than practical experience.
From his site I learn that he's doing much more than radio shows and reflecting on human nature. He's giving lectures (you pick the subject), teaching the bible making movies and all sorts of other things that may bring a buck. The most ridiculous section of his site is the CD he's selling (coming to think of it - I'm not really sure he's selling it since there was no price mentioned there, but it's hard to imagine he distribute that CD for free). In the CD you can read excepts from his childhood diary, watch some photographs he took, conducting three orchestras and other kind of megalomaniac stuff (why would anyone want to read this prodigy's childhood diary? Or watch him testify before congress?)
I just hope that the site wouldn't spoil the experience of reading the reminder of the book...

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