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The 7 Habits...

I got a new organizer based on the book "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People". I loved the book. As far as I remember, the reason I bought it was that there were piles of it in the local Barnes and Noble, so I figured there had to be something special about it. Stephen Covey, the author of the book, promised to change my life for the better if I adopted his 7 habits. Changing paradigm, he calls it. It was more than a year ago. Since then, I listened to some of his tapes, browsed some other books by him, and got this organizer. Mr. Covey built a whole industry around these 7 habits. So simple, yet so brilliant. In many words, chapters, examples and quotations from the late great Mahatma Gandhi, he simply says "Be connected to yourself, and do what you REALLY want to do with your life". That's all. I guess it's not so simple after all. Otherwise we would be seeing more smiling faces in this world and less Covey book piling up at Barnes and Noble.

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