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Linda Is Dead
Linda McCartney is dead and I canít help feeling bad for Paul. I liked the fact that they were together for so long. Being successful and attractive as he is, it wasnít so easy, I guess (to stick together for such a long time). They were together everywhere. I read in many places that they spent only 10 nights apart when he did time in a Japanese prison (got busted for drugs) in 1980. He took her with him to wherever he went. Even to his post-Beatles band 'Wingsí. She was there. Behind the front line, playing keyboards, singing background vocals, at times raising her hand. He just wanted her around, all the time. This I find admirable. I heard somewhere that touring, for rock stars, is a wild experience. Different town every night. Different faces, fans in ecstasy, willing girls, wild parties, hotel room orgies and all that time, even when on tour, he used to close the light and kiss his lawfully-wedded wife goodnight... 

I remember when I was 16, I bought what was one of my first books about the Beatles. It was written in English, and I bought it mainly because of the pictures. I remember sitting in the garden outside the building where I lived at the time, with Dana, my girlfriend then, perusing the new book. There was a picture of Paul and Linda from their 1976 tour (or was it 1974?). Paul, seated at a piano (or was it an organ?) was staring at Linda who was standing at the middle of the stage, wearing high blue boots (looking stoned I must add). Dana gave that picture a long gaze and then said - "You can tell he really loves her..." "How can you tell that?" I asked her, "Look at the way heís staring at her", she said. "Thatís love!"... 

I guess Paul is a conservative kind of guy. He had the same wife for 30 years, he still plays the same Hofner Bass guitar and still writes the same kind of songs (and still looks pretty much the same...). 

I read in the Jewish Week that Linda was Jewish. I didnít know that and itís a bit surprising. Not that it matters now.  Not that it ever did. 

Only a few hours after I heard the sad news I realized that my chances to see him in a live concert are now slimmer than ever. I doubt that heíll play again in the near future, and in fact. I canít wait for his next public appearance. 


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