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Thoughts Part I

If you had to think of one word that depicts our lives, one word that distills and encapsulates what this world is all about, what would you choose? - I know what I would go for. Uncertainty... Nothing, in my opinion, describes our existence better. There's really one thing we can be certain about (I know some people count two certain things in life, but a brief look at the New York state tax form will convince anyone that there's actually only one...)

Journalist in a Bubble
Sometimes when I see a TV broadcast about a latest disaster or recent genocide I can't help thinking how surrealistic the situation is. In one frame you see the helpless refugees, hunger striken tribes, injured and crippled victims, and with them, usually a few steps away - the journalist. Surrounded by an invisible bubble that separates him from all the atrocities occurring right next to him, outside his bubble. And it seems that he's so shielded in there, that even if you shoot him or drop a rocket on his head, nothing will happen to him. Cause he's not really there. And despite the fact that they're all together there, in the same camera frame, supposedly in the same place and time, each of them lives in a different reality, a whole different sphere...

$$$ And :) :) :)
A lot was said and written about the correlation between money and happiness. The general feeling is that money by itself can't make you happy. Even the old Jewish sages (or was it the in the bible?) remarked that the larger your fortune the bigger your worries. I think most people truly believe that. Anyone can probably think of more than one example of affluent-but-unhappy, or the more prevalent destitute-but-joyful, people he personally knows. My opinion is that money has the potential of making people happier. If not the person who created the fortune at least his immediate family. I leave 20% for the extremes - miserable rich and exultant poor. The other 80 percent's happiness will probably show a strong correlation to their financial means. Just a feeling...

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