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Few facts about time

Time is running fast. Time is limited. We all know when we started, how much time has elapsed. But we don't know how much longer we've got.
We let so many things steal time from us. Waiting lines. TV. Obligations. Many of us feel more time constraints than money constraints, and yet we tend to protest when we feel we've been financially ripped off and yet be relatively indifferent when precious time is being taken from us. We consider that a necessity. A fact of life.
I heard somewhere that the average person spends SEVEN years waiting. Unbelievable... Seven idle years, almost 10% of the expected lifespan. Add to this depressing formula the 30% of lifetime spent sleeping, and you don't get much left. A scarce resource indeed.
There are so many books out there on how to manage your time efficiently, so many seminars and classes. They all say one basic thing: do the important things first. I know some people who have this natural tendency. They always do the important things first. They know how to prioritize and stick to their agenda. Others have to work on that. I belong to the latter, otherwise I wouldn't be writing this pointless article. I would be doing something useful.
I read somewhere a nice interpretation of Genesis 3 verse 9: "Then the LORD God called to the man, and said to him, 'Where are you?'" it was right after Adam took a first bite out of the forbidden fruit (by the way - nowhere it's mentioned that this risky fruit was an apple. It simply says 'Fruit' which mean it could have been some kind of mushroom or shrub that's potentially forbidden even these days...). Adam and Eve ate the fruit, learned they're naked and even worse - in big trouble. God is pissed and he's (or she's) looking for them. And then comes the weird inquiry - "Where are you?" God mush have known exactly where they are, so why asking? - And the commentators explain - God is asking man - where are you, what did you achieve? What were you up to since last I heard from you? What did you do with all this time I gave you? And Adam stutters a confused response, similar, probably, to what most of us would answer... not much really. Not much...

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