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iHTML and Javascript

This is a message to all of the iHTML users out there who tried to use iHTML together with Javascript in one file.

There is a problem with the way iHTML analyses the file. It searches for all the "<" signs and considers it as a command opening.
The problem is that it performs this assumption on the Javascript portion of your source and therefor the line:

For (i=0; i<10; i++)

Would be considered as an iHTML command opening.

When trying to serve this file the server will return a 'Tag Not Closed' error.

Three ways to solve this problem:

1. Don't use the '<' operator. There's always a way around it.

2. After the closing </javascript> tag - add a '>' sign to 'close' the commands you unwillingly opened.

3. Use the <iINCLUDE> command with the qualifier - Parse="FALSE" to include the Javascript file. This way the iHTML will not parse the file upon inclusion.

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