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I didn't know she would be there. I don't think I would have come if I had known it. But she was there and I had no choice but to smile and walk slowly towards her and her companion - a stocky, arrogant looking guy in his early thirties. He helped her take off her coat and left to put it in the bedroom. "I'm sorry," I could hear my friend whisper in my ears "I had specifically asked him about her and he had told me that she was not invited. What the hell is she doing here?" "It's ok," I told him. But it wasn't. I didn't want to see her tonight. Or any other night for that matter.
I never thought I could resent someone like that. And she never really had done anything to me. I just happened to witness how she slowly turned my best friend life into a hell. I knew that her Ivory girl, angel-like cuteness was nothing but a veneer to incredible meanness. Or at least the capability to be very mean. It's hard to say. Maybe it was he, and the way he behaved that elicited this cruelty from her.
He had met her in a period of his life that he liked to label - 'unstable'. It was more like a total breakdown. Things were really turning against him, and for the first time in our long years of friendship, I started to sense that he was loosing hope. I was driving to the office one morning when he called me on the cell phone, and told me that he had met this 'gorgeous girl' last night...
I started to realize that something was wrong after a long evening spent with him in his car. We made plans to visit a mutual friend, but instead, two hours later, we were still roaming around aimlessly. We were driving in circles around this busy block of tall office buildings. I realized he was trying to spot her leaving the office. "I forgot to tell her something important," he said. Later I learned that he made it his daily routine. Waiting for her, following her and surprising her in places and times when she least expected it.
The more obsessive and possessive he became, the meaner and more cruel she turned. He was in bad shape when he met her, but four months later, abused and humiliated, he really seemed to be in a point of no return.
The rest of the evening went well. I approached her, realizing there was no way I could avoid her that evening, and we exchanged a few words. "How is he?" "He's better now" and some comments about the party and the impossible traffic on the way in. I was also introduced to her hostile companion who excused himself again and went to get some drinks.
I debated for a long time whether I should tell him that I had met her that night. Finally I didn't. Well - now you know. I guess I should have told you a while ago but I thought it's best to spare you. I hope you forgive me...

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