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Early Elections in Israel

Sunday, May 09, 1999

The polls are still in favor of Barak and that make me nervous... eight days to go and I pray that nothing unexpected will happen. You canít really tell in Israel. God forbids. Eight days to go... thatís too much. Letís hope for the best...

Saturday, May 01, 1999

The elections in Israel will take place in two weeks and I won't be there. I wanted to but it didn't work out this time. I didn't vote in the last elections when Netanyahu took over and I feel guilty until this day. Iím hoping for a change. It's time to replace this incompetent prime minister and his bunch of thugs. It's time to start repairing the damage they did. It's time to turn Israel to the beautiful prosperous country it can be.

Iím reading the news and watching the polls. Barak has an advantage but it is too soon to jubilate. Things change (just as they did during the last elections when Netanyahu who was lagging behind in the polls became the prime minister).

I read an interview with Netanyahu this weekend. The guy is unbelievable. According to him the situation has never been better. Those who complain about poverty and unemployment are the same people who eat in fancy restaurants and drive 4X4... we'll see about thatÖ

Monday December 28, 1998

They set a date for the elections Ñ 5/17/99. I read in the news that it was on 5/17 that the Likud took over, twenty-two years ago. We went to this expansive lousy Deli today for lunch and on the TV set that was hung on the wall I saw Binyamin Begin's face and sure enough after few seconds I saw Bibiyahu. Not a good appetizer. I wonder if I'll be in Israel for the elections. I mean Ñ I got used to missing greater things than the election (for example Ñ my friend's wedding next month) so I don't really feel too bad about it.

Saturday, December 26, 1998

I read the news from Israel and I really don't understand what's going on there. The Knesset decided on early elections and to this moment I don't really understand why. I read the Amnon Shachak and Uzi Landau and Ehud Olmert are going to run for the prime ministry. Maybe I've been out of the country for too long but as far as I remember neither of these persons was so popular as to claim that post.

I didn't vote in the last elections. I was in Boston at the time and I remember driving to Cape Cod by myself at that day. The weather was gray and I was searching constantly for a news station on the radio dial to hear the results. It took a while before it was announced that Netanyahu won by a small margin. I felt a bit guilty at the time. If I, and people like me, were there then we could have made the difference.

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