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Monday, August 13, 2001
I didn't go to see Ringo playing this year. I just came from a long trip abroad and besides - it was suppose to rain (he was playing an outdoor venue). I saw him at the "All Star" band three consecutive years (I'm sure some of you feel very jealous right now, well - rightfully so...) and this time... well, it just didn't work out.

I find myself thinking a lot about George these days. Do you have the same nagging feeling as I do that his days are numbered? - I remember way back when the rumors about Freddie Mercury's health stared to spread how it was vehemently denied at first. It's a bit depressing to fathom a world without George (not that we are used to see or hear from him too often, but I find that just the notion that he's still there makes me feel better. His being always leaves some room for hope that there would be a reunion or maybe a solo tour).

I also don't have a firm opinion about Paul's imminent marriage (it shouldn't prevent him from moving forward with his plans though). I just can't help noticing how older he got. Maybe it's the contrast with his young fiancée that makes him look even older. Hey - it's not just him. It's us also. When I became a Beatles fan Paul just released his 'Pipe of Peace' album. The other day I had a chance to look at the cover of the album and to think to myself (well, I'll say it again) how older he got, but then I remembered that I was 12-13 years old at the time and I also look a whole lot different. You too I'm sure.

So feel free to drop me a line my friends. This page is getting more and more exposure and I will publish your emails gladly.

Friday, July 21, 2000
Now What Do You Think About That?!?!?
I saw this today in one of the Beatles newsgroups out there:
Interviewer: "Is Ringo Starr the best drummer in rock 'n roll?" To which Lennon replies: "Apparently he's not even the best drummer in the Beatles"...

Wednesday, April 25, 2000
In a recent commercial for the online brokerage of Charles Schwab Ringo demonstrated an impressive knowledge of the ins and outs of the online investing game. A bunch of (much younger) musicians stared in bewilderment as he spoke of stocks, options and buying on margin. "We created a different kind of investor" the title read.
A few days later I read a short interview with Ringo who claimed that he only sent two emails in his life... (and I doubt it's because he spends most of his time online investing...)

Saturday, April 22, 2000
Three weeks from now I'm going to see him again!!! Ringo gives two concerts in the Westbury Music Fair. I'm more excited this time because my brother is going to join us this time. We're going to sit far from the stage this time, however, the Westbury venue is so small that you're close no matter where you're sitting. I'll keep you updated...

Tuesday, November 23, 1999
This Ringo Starr page has been around for almost 9 months and was hit only 133 times. That's all... and I wonder - is it because I did a poor job indexing the page or could it be that there's no interest in Ringo these days. Perhaps it's a combination of the two. Hey - did you ever wonder if Ringo goes online? Does George have an AOL account (or the British equivalent)? I saw a webcast with Paul McCartney where he said that he really doesn't know much about the net. I believe him. What do you think?


I went to see Ringo Starr in concert last night. It's been almost 24 hours, but the impression is still so fresh. What a show...

I was sitting so close to him. It felt as if I only had to bend slightly and reach out with my arm to grab one of his drumsticks.

It was an amazing show. From the first notes of "It Don't Come Easy" until the closing chord of "A Little Help From My Friends." The songs, the band, the ambiance, the proximity-a real night to remember.

Seeing Ringo in concert (and I'm sure many people would consider it a silly comparison) is like going to pray at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem. Both entail some sort of catharsis. Both bear some historic significance (am I going too far with this?...), and lets face it-in both cases you know you're not getting the real thing. In the case of the Wailing Wall, it is now known that this particular wall was part of the exterior wall that circumvented the Temple. The Temple's long gone. In Ringo's case-well, to put it nicely, I guess most people in the audience were aware that he was with the Beatles in the past. I don't know how many really came to see the guy that sings "Back Off Boogaloo" or the "No No Song." People came to see the Beatles drummer. The closest you can get these days to the real thing.

After dropping my friend off-he completely lost his voice cheering and shouting-I drove back home. They played "My Sweet Lord" on the radio and I was thinking to myself how much I wish I could see George Harrison in concert (I'd much rather have tea in person with him, but I'm trying not to set my hopes too high...). For some reason I doubt that it'll ever happen. While writing these lines I realize that today (2/25) is his birthday. (He's turning 56 today). So best of wishes, George (no doubt he'll bump into my website one day...). And I hope I'll get to see you one day...

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