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The defined series of tasks within an organization to produce a final outcome. (Webopedia)

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This page contains a list of workflow related resources. It is a listing of available research, commercial products and more


WFMC (Workflow Management Coalition)

The WfMC has over 285 member organizations worldwide, representing all facets of workflow, from vendors to users, and from academics to consultants. 

Workflow standards developed by the Workflow Management Coalition (WFMC) are expected to provide interoperability between workflow software and the applications as well as between different workflow systems. (

WFMC Home Page

Commercial Products

IBM MQSeries Workflow

Create business processes, visually design and automate process flows using business skills, optimize Enterprise Application Integration with people workflow. MQSeries Workflow is used to design, document, execute, control, improve and optimize the business processes

MQSeries Workflow - Features at a glance


TIB/InConcert models, manages and monitors in real-time the tasks performed as part of customer-oriented business processes, whether they are performed by human users or automated agents. InConcert provides the unique ability to dynamically adjust active business processes and proactively respond to changing business conditions.

TIB®/InConcert™ Product Overview


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How the Tennessee Valley Authority's nuclear division saved time and money by integrating machine-maintenance knowledge and workflow processes