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Pearl Jam Won't Tour Anymore - by Oren Sanie

I'm sitting right now in the computer room, listening to a CD I bought a week ago for 11 Shekel. It's Pearl Jam's 4th CD, 'No code'. They are a very good band but they became a bit full of themselves (in the modest way) and anti-institutional which means they put out songs that are not necessarily catchy. They had a big fight with the company that markets tickets to their shows. They claim the prices charged for their concert tickets are too high and they decided not to tour unless the ticket prices will go down. They don't do video-clips as well and they refuse to participate in any marketing monkey business.
This world of ours became so cynical that if someone does all that stuff, I immediately suspect them of being full of themselves instead of giving them some appreciation for their refusal to go on tour for that few extra bucks.
Anyway, after 2 songs I can definitely say that this album will be suitable for every fan of the band (Pearl jam that is) and fans of the Pearl Jam sound.

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