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The Well

Well I never felt anything like it before
I was craving the knowledge I needed some more
And so I left last night expecting the worst
I needed a source of water to quench my thirst

Get me out of here - you know I've been here to long
Get me out of here - something gone so wrong
Sinking under the spell
Since I fell into the well

Well I read ancient words in a long lost scroll
I've seen the empire rise and I've seen its fall
I saw a prophet on a mountain who split the sea
I felt the world fall apart in his prophecy

Well I've been looking all around me and I can't understand
Why you?re singing and dancing unaware of the end
Can you hear my words can you feel my plight
You have to be in the dark so you can see the light

(C) 2009 Alan Sanie. All Rights Reserved.