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So Hard to Please

So you're asking me about time
You're getting older and you want to know the reason
Have I ever mention to you that I'm
Also afraid of each change of the season
And you're asking me about love
You're in a total state of confusion
It is something I was thinking of
Though I'm yet to reach a conclusion

If there's something that can make you happy
What it is, what it is, what it is
Do you enjoy the company of sadness
Why are you so hard to please? - so hard to Please

So you're asking me why we're all here
You want to know more about the meaning
You're afraid to one day just disappear
Like a breeze without end or beginning
And you're asking me about the new age
You want to know if I really agree
That the whole world is but a cage
And we must all try and break free

So many question asked, so many answers to find
Who can quench the thirst of an inquisitive mind
And so our seasons are changing and the times flow
How little we're aware of, how little we know

(C) 2009 Alan Sanie. All Rights Reserved.