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Happier Then

A tiny apartment on the second floor
Cracks in the wall, small paper sign on the door
You finished a new drawings for the painting class you took
While I was playing my guitar on the floor
and you asked me if I could take a look

Our roof was leaking it was freezing at night
we got under the blankets and we held each other tight
You wanted to paint all that's real and reveals without a word
I swore to write you the most beautiful song that anyone had ever heard

We were happy then, really happy and
With no money for rent
but with love in our hearts
Everyday holds the start of a brand new dream
We had nothing but love, we have nothing but dreams
But despite all it seems
We were happier then

You used to hold me in your arms
and love me love me love me
Love me all night

The years go by and the kids have all grown
we covered our debts and we paid all our loans
the fortune we amass makes our lives a mass
and we grown so far
You don't paint a lot, you're too busy for that
and I can't even find my guitar

Have we lost it all, between our fancy walls
We let affection fade
we let our love to die
we let the distance grow, we hid beneath our lies
we simply lost control, we couldn't stop the fall
Life was much easier then
when we had nothing at all

Can you still hold me in your arms and love me love me love me
Love me tonight

I'd give up my walls and car
Just to be the way we were
I'd give up my gold and gains
just to see your paint again
I'll give up my shares and bonds
Just to write you another song

(C) 2009 Alan Sanie. All Rights Reserved.