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Every Friday Evening

This is what we like to do
Same-old-me and good-old-you
Very fine glass of wine
Every Friday evening
Then we'll play a game of chess
Precious time of happiness
I'll begin you can win
Every Friday evening

Years and years of cherished hours
Times I pray will never end
For friendship close and warm as ours
I?m always in your debt my friend

This is how we like to be
Good-old-you and same-old-me
Dim the light, grab a bite
Every Friday Evening
You will cut the cake in half
Tell a joke and I will laugh
What a treat, very sweet
Every Friday evening

Years and years of conversation
Still so much we didn't say
I like your wit and observation
How you put it in a special way

So let us drink another glass
For you and I, for good-old-us
For good health, love and wealth
Every Friday evening
We can sing another song
I'll take the lead you'll sing along
Lows and highs, harmonize
Every Friday evening

Years and years of song and laughter
Still so many songs to sing
No worry about what's coming after
We'll take whatever time may bring

(C) 2009 Alan Sanie. All Rights Reserved.