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Dearest Uncle

Hello my dearest uncle
At last I have the chance to write
It's been so hectic since you left
I'm proud to say everything's all right
You left the farm last spring
To explore the world at large
It was a brilliant idea
To put me here in charge

I know my dearest uncle
You must have had a doubt
a city-boy such as myself
Fairly quickly will burnout
But I'm glad to tell you uncle
You couldn't have been more wrong
I've never been so happy
I've never felt so strong

It?s not the livestock uncle
Not the orchard nor the crop
It?s your three amazing daughters
That keep me busy till I drop
Don?t be surprise my uncle
When you?re back standing at the gate
It usec to be the four of us
But now already eight?

(C) 2009 Alan Sanie. All Rights Reserved.