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Crystal Night

Perfect day for walking up and down
This old enchanting town
I can tell you?re having fun
Cross the ancient stone paved court
Into the windy busy port
But this is not why I brought you here my son
There?s a story that you need to hear
Happened long ago right here
Of courage of loss and hate
Who and what we are today
Was forever changed that fateful day
At the dawn of thirty-eight

What burned there so bright in that cold crystal night
Was every one of us
I swear to always remember that dreadful night in November
The bloodshed and the broken glass

Woken up from a dream when I heard somebody scream
I felt the trembling of the floor
When my father burst inside and said I think we better hide
They?re going door to door
This is my homeland this is my nation
This is my city for generations
This is the only place I know
They?re marching to the beat
My countrymen crowding in my street
Telling me it?s time for me to go

There?s no reason to pretend
This marks the coming of our end
We leave today no time for us to wait
Daddy if you hear me I?ll just say
That I thank you everyday
For those who stayed it was too late

Not much has changed in these old parts
The streets the light and people?s hearts
Is our world less cruel or less insane?
Might all this happen here again?
You are the proof that evil was defeated

You are to see that it will never be repeated
And no matter how hard it may get
Make sure you ever let the world forget

(C) 2009 Alan Sanie. All Rights Reserved.