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Breakup Blues

I now regret being so untrue and insincere
I mostly said the words I knew you'd like to hear
Don't spent all your time rethinking what we used to have
Whatever that was, I don't think it was love

It's just that I've been way too lonely way too long
It's just that you just happened then to come along
Think of it as a game where we were both pretending
Think of it as movie with a not-so-happy-ending

I'm calling you to tell you we should disengage
I'm calling you to ask you now to turn the page
Our bitterness and anger - can we put them all to rest?
In fact I really called to wish you all the best

It?s getting out of hand well ? isn?t that absurd
The difference between what I said and what you heard
I may overstate, exaggerate, fib and pretend
But I never promised you to love you till the end

I know many people asked you - what do you see in that guy
I know your girlfriends advised you - he's not worth another try
If you had asked me I would tell you - no need to think twice
Do as they told you ?follow their advice

And yes, I don?t have lots of money, I can hardly get by
And yes, my joke are not so funny, my humor's pretty dry
Not a trace of ambition, I never thought of going far
The only thing I really know is to play this sweet guitar

(C) 2009 Alan Sanie. All Rights Reserved.