Ringo in Concert
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Your Ringo Emails

I read your Ringo page. Though George was my favorite, Ringo was important too.
Ringo will be coming to Summerfest in Milwaukee in July. Not sure if I'll be going or not.
Wish George would come to Milwaukee.
Good luck at your next concert.

I saw our Ringo in Feb. 99 also. He was great, along with Jack Bruce and Todd Rundgren. Will be seeing him in Atlantic City on 5/13/2000. Check his official website for a city near you. Where and when is Ringo Starr playing a concert this May in New Jersey? ===== Feed The World, Reverend Flash P.S. Keep Rockin', And While You're At It, Keep Rollin'!!!!

Hey Alon, Just read your page and I couldnt agree MORE with your synopsis of the concert, I saw him in Dublin A few years back and he was Fab. Do you think if George releases his proposed new album will he?, Man that would be far out. My girlfriend Anne particularly likes Ringos solo stuff as against his Beatles output Keep the faith in the latter stages of ''68 Don

I am amazed! Talk about historical,,,,, I saw Ringo at Westbury Music Fair, and I have never left a concert so satisfied. (I could have lived without Eric Carmen, however.) I now know how all those young girls felt when seeing the Beatles in America for the first time. I have never really been "starr struck" , but I was tonight..... And I got some good pics. I was 6 row and the stage is a circle it spins verrry slowly throughout the show. And he has a wonderful sense of humor !!! Ringo Rules!!! A legend.....

My boyfriend and I went to see Ringo Starr and his all star band on Sunday evening in New Hampshire. We had seen him at the Harbor Lights two years ago. He is still such a showman and the songs just bring you right back... and of course, we all remember ALL THE WORDS.... The I Center in New Hampshire was a small venue too and it was great.... he was half a basketball court away.... I found your website while I was bouncing around on line trying to find the Beatles Yellow Submarine figures..... I still love them...

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